Hi again,

Eventually I discovered a wonderful software which simulate the physiology of the whole human body: it is created by the department of Physiology of the University of Missisipi medical center.

The real plus is the Laboratory manual, which is full of guided experiments to do on the simulated human being and explains carefully how to run each simulation.

There are two different application: QCP and QHP. For now, they seemed similar to me and I mainly used QCP because I was following closely the laboratory manual.

The user interface is not very intuitive and can be laborious to find the needed variables. Moreover there seems to be no way (but I’ve just started to use the software ) to use the main program to generate a custom presentation of the results to, say, follow a selected group of variables or replay a script with a bunch of intervention.

There are a model editor and solver available here and a list of created models here

On the other hand I noticed that the QHP software comes with all the module it uses to simulate the body as xml documents, so it is easy to inspect them and learn how the simulation is structured. It is also well documented, as there are over 250 pages of documentation of the XML schema

However, I wonder why they don’t use the emerging standards of SMBL or CellML

I think that especially the equation declaration part of the XML schema would benefit from a move to MathML

I’ll bet I’ll learn a lot with it!